Free and Fees



You can list your Book for free for a month, then relist if you want to. Their are other fees to get better promo and results, To put money in your wallet, go to "my account - My details" this saves you going to paypal for every $2 you spend. Re-listing is important as it saves your reviews on the site. All amazon review are , of course, there forever. We can also "resurrect" listings if you've missed your renew date.

Fees and Services:

 Premuim listing: $10 for 30 days

  •  Feature listing on front page
  •  Top of search results in your Genre,
  •  Part of our weekly news to suscribers,
  •  Social media blast on our twitter 25k people 


  •  High-light: $2: Highlighted listing
  •  Top Bump: $2: Bumps you to Top again.
  •  Re-new listing: $5: Saves you re-listing and saves your reveiws.

 Wallet and Credit Packs:

The best way to think of a credit pack is a membership fee, our pack of 50 credits will last you around a year of posts.