Authors FAQ

We all know getting reviews is a struggle, but can be very worthwhile. I myself have a few fantasy novels on Amazon, and the ones with more then 20 reviews rank a lot better in keywords and sales than he others. Even my older titles do better than new ones, until i get more reviews. 


How it work:

This site is a very simple one, You simply list your ad, and when you get an email request for your book, you send the reader a .mobi copy. Most reviews take around 14 days from sending them out to get added onto Amazon and our own site. 


Please ignore address and city, when listing, country is all that is required, don't put phone when signing up. You will get called by an eager fan. Please don't list books that are free all th time, perma-free.

We only want quality books, so you cover must be good, people do judge a book by the cover, you also need to get 4-5 star reviews on this or other titles. Books that rank lower will be deleted from listings. you  must email people back promptly, with a .mobi file, we offer a conversion service if you only have .doc


You should expect a return of around 80% return of copies sent to reviews, with a good cover and comments you should get around 5- 10 requests a month. The best way to increase this is sharing the ad with your social media platforms, this way you can get reviews from your own fans, though a system that's much more professional than just emailing copies.

Genre: We focus on fantasy and sci-fi, but can add other catagories if you email and request them. No Erotica. Please use "keywords" in your lsting so people can search them. things like : vampires, pirates, work well.

Author Profiles: Free and Permenant.


You can list your Book for free for a month, then relist if you want to. Their are other fees to get better promo and results, To put money in your wallet, go to "my account - My details" this saves you going to paypal for every $2 you spend. Re-listing is important as it saves your reviews on the site. All amazon review are , of course, there forever. We can also "resurrect" listings if you've missed your renew date.

Fees and Services:

 Premuim listing: $10 for 30 days

  •  Feature listing on front page
  •  Top of search results in your Genre,
  •  Part of our weekly news to suscribers,
  •  Social media blast on our twitter 25k people 


  •  High-light: $2: Highlighted listing
  •  Top Bump: $2: Bumps you to Top again.
  •  Re-new listing: $5: Saves you re-listing and saves your reveiws.

 Wallet and Credit Packs:

The best way to think of a credit pack is a membership fee, our pack of 50 credits will last you around a year of posts.